EP012 How To Start A Service Business – Eamonn McShea

How To Build A Service Business

This week in Episode 012 of The Prosperous Tradesman Podcast I met up with business owner and old friend of mine, Eamonn McShea to chat about how to start a service business, getting started, loosing a business partner through illness and the struggle of taking his business through the recession and out the other side.

If you’re looking to start you own thing, or build a new business to greater heights, the advice from this ‘oul dog for the hard road will no doubt help you make some headway. Starting your own business is not easy, if it were everyone would do it. Check out this week’s episode below.

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In This Episode

  • I chat with Eamonn McShea from Greenday Environmental about starting and growing a service business

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Notes: How To Start A Service Business With Eamonn McShea

Donegal man Eamonn McShea first started in business for himself in school with a cash over the counter tuckshop. That is a world away from the business he currently runs today in an industry that he has operated in almost 20 years.

Greenday Environmental is a service business successfully providing drainage maintenance, installation, CCTV investigations, grease trap servicing and a host of other environmental services to county councils and private businesses throughout Ireland.

Eamonn joined me for a coffee at The Hole In The Wall pub on Blackhorse Avenue to chat about the challenges of going from tradesman to businessman, from tools to office desk, riding the recession and coming out the other side.

In this episode we discuss how to start a service business, why your own mobile phone number is the most vital tool you can possess, Why training staff is vital to business performance and customer service, and how to ensure you can move out of the trenches and work on your business instead of in it.

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