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The Larb Weekly Podcast

The Larb: A Podcast by Larry G. Maguire

Join me for weekly conversation about what it means to be a creative, live life on our own terms and by our own design. To create something valuable & meaningful, and build a successful business in the process. I have guests on the show too and we get into how they create and build their business. I'll also send you my book, The Artist's Manifesto for FREE.

Inside The Larb (Patrons Only)

Inside The Larb for Patrons only

Inside The Larb is a several times per week Patron only podcast that I've created to share with you the inside track on what I'm making, writing, drawing and thinking. I made it specifically for Patrons who support me in my work. If you like what I make you can pledge as little as $1 to access this content.

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The Daily Larb

The Daily Larb Podcast

The Daily Larb is a rough and ready daily podcast show where I share whatever is on my mind. Usually the content includes comments and call ins from other listeners who jump in on the conversation. I share other people's content too including web audio clips from comedians and philosophers. The show is made with Anchor and is available on Spreaker

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My intent is to make The Larb an advertisement free zone and I can only do that with your support. Producing a podcast consumes a lot of time & effort to interview guests, produce & edit the audio, create the articles and distribute the content so I'm seeking your help to help keep the wheels turning. In return you get exclusive content and patron only bonuses. If you enjoy the content, will you consider supporting the show for $1.00? Find out more on my Patreon page.

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Get Featured

I'm hungry for stories and news from artists and creative people to feature on the show. Now that doesn't mean I'll take any oul rubbish! But it does mean I'm interested in getting to meet people who are working on their own terms and breaking moulds in a creative space. If that sounds like you and you want to get some exposure for your work, then get in touch with me here.

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The Larb: A Podcast by Larry G. Maguire

About The Show

Artist & writer Larry G. Maguire presents The Larb, a weekly podcast for creatives. Larry shares ideas about creativity, art, work and how to build a creative business doing what you love. Every week you'll get a new episode discussing the creative process, how to find and build your audience, how to market your work online and how to find creative success while staying true to the art. If you are a small business owner or a creative who's thinking about it, this show is for you.