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Welcome to The Prosperous Tradesman WordPress Customer Support page. Customer support services and associated support ticket submission is reserved for customers who have purchased One-Off, Standard, Advanced or Premium WordPress Support Packages from here on our online store.

If you have not already purchased a WordPress Support Package for your business website please do so below. Requests from non-support account subscribers will be respectfully declined.

After you purchase the level of support you require, head over to your Account Page to log a support ticket for the product in question. If you have any problems logging in or submitting your request, please email support[at]larrygmaguire.com.

Your website not on our servers? No sweat. Purchase ​monthly One-Off WordPress Support & Maintenance for small WordPress edits and site modifications including CSS, HTML, SEO, Plugin & Theme updates and Content editing.

WordPress Support & Maintenance Benefits

We've built our WordPress Support to give you your time back and allow you to focus on what you do best - serving your customers. Check out some of the benefits of going with us.

No More Bugs

You know all those little problems on your site that drive you crazy? Well now you can say goodbye to them.

Increase Protection

We partner with WP Engine to provide some of the best security available. If you get hacked, we'll fix it for free.

We're Always Available

Our support guys are based in Europe and are available 24/7/365 to solve your WordPress problems.

Increase Your Traffic

Traffic is everything. We can improve your website SEO through modifying content and server settings.

Look Your Best

We can modify your site look, feel and colour scheme through CSS modifications to make you look your best.

Get Your Time Back

Forget about spending time trying to figure things out on your site. Let us do it for you in a fraction of the time.

Why Choose Us To Manage Your WordPress Website?

We've partnered with WP Engine managed WordPress hosting platform to provide you with a high spec, secure and actively managed server environment for your website. Whether you are a solo worker, blogger or SME business owner running a sophisticated website, our hosting and support caters for your needs.

On top of a powerful and secure server environment, we provide you with all the modifications and edits you need on an ongoing basis to ensure your site looks great and performs to the level you expect.

Forget about spending time learning, managing, updating and modifying your WordPress website yourself. Hire us to take care of these tedious tasks and free yourself to focus on your customers and your business. Check out these features.

WordPress Support & Maintenance Features

You want to know that the nerdy stuff is in place to deliver you a top drawer WordPress Support service. Check out some of the technical details of our service.

Daily Site Backups

Every day at 03:00 am GMT we back up your website files and database automatically. 

Anti Spam & Malware

Never worry about spam or malware harming your site again. We're all over that!

Content Delivery

Our Content Delivery Network delivers your site to users super fast no matter where they are in the world.

24/7 Support

Our small and focused team can take your request around the clock with under 4 hour response to support tickets.

Page Speed Reports

On request, we run page speed testing which offers you actionable improvement suggestions.

SSL Ready

Need to add an SSL cert to your website? No sweat. Our servers are ready to go to https.

Choose A WordPress Support & Maintenance Package

Standard, Advanced & Premium Support is available for you if we already host your site, or you want us to host your site. If your site is hosted elsewhere and you want to keep it that way, check out One-Off Support


Perfect for solo professional

1 Site

2GB of Storage

Limited Bandwidth

  • ​Free Site Audit
  • Staging Area
  • Unlimited Data
  • Server CDN
  • Plugin Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • WP Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • Anti Spam
  • Anti Malware
  • Support Tickets
  • 24 Hr Response



Ideal busy business owners

1 Site

10GB of Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

  • ​Free Site Audit
  • Site Transfer
  • Staging Area
  • Unlimited Data
  • Server CDN
  • Plugin Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • WP Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • Anti Spam
  • Anti Malware
  • Support Tickets
  • 12 Hr Response
  • Limited Edits



Perfect for serious businesses

1 Site

20GB of Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

  • ​Free Site Audit
  • Site Transfer
  • Staging Area
  • Unlimited Data
  • Server CDN
  • Plugin Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • WP Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • Anti Spam
  • Anti Malware
  • Support Tickets
  • 4 Hr Response
  • Unlimited Edits


*Prices quoted above are ex Irish state VAT rate of 23%. All purchases are subject to EU tax regulations


We've partnered with WP Engine to deliver you an uncompromised managed WordPress service with the addition of website modifications and one-off small jobs allowing you to focus on serving your customers. As such we want to give you peace of mind, so I am personally offering you a 100% money back guarantee should you be unhappy with our service. Go ahead, test us out. If the service is not for you just let us know by emailing support[at]larrygmaguire.com and we'll return your payment no questions asked.

- Larry G. Maguire

WordPress Support & Maintenance FAQ

How do I make a support request?

How long does it take for you to complete a request?

What information do you need from me?

Does my site need to be on your server to avail of support & maintenance?

Does my website need to be built by you?

Is there additional cost for transferring my WordPress website to your servers?

What do website edits include and what's the difference with each package?

Can you work with image files?

Can you work with audio and video files?

Can you create and edit written content like blog posts and pages?

Can you help me with my podcast file edits and publishing?

Can you help me get found in Google and other search engines?

Can you create landing pages for me?

What is not included?

What do you charge for web design/development outside these packages?

How do you take payment and what are your terms?

What if I'm really in trouble and I need urgent help?

Can you work with WordPress Multisite?

Can you troubleshoot email problems?

What does bandwidth mean?

What is 2GB, 10GB and 20GB Storage?

What is a site transfer?

What is a staging area?

What is a server CDN?

Do you update plugins and themes?

Do you update WordPress core?

What are daily backups?

Do you offer a one-off WordPress support service?

What guarantees do you offer?

Choose A WordPress Support Package

Me and my team are ready to make edits to your website today. Choose the WordPress Support package that fits your needs and let us know what you need. We'll get cracking on those changes for you right away.