The Tuesday Bit: Dataswamped

Are you dataswamped?

Everyone on the planet is becoming dataswamped. At least that’s how I’m seeing it.

Information overload is prevalent right now, and for those of us who allow the noise of everyone’s opinion drown out our own internal guidance, success will remain just a nice idea.

It’s not that there’s too much information, but rather that we try to absorb too much of the wrong stuff. Then that drives the question “exactly what information is the right information?”

The reality is that it’s exactly that unsureness of what to absorb and what to leave behind that keeps us chasing success somewhere else.

There’s this flawed idea that the solutions to all our business problems lie in the book that we haven’t found yet, or the $10,000 Smurfit business course or something.

Looking for solutions in too many other people’s ideas and systems is bound to leave a heap of frayed ends and do it for too long and you may become disillusioned with your path.

When Enough Becomes Enough

There comes a point though when enough is enough and we feel the need to clear house and get back to basics. This is a good thing and it allows us get back to our original goals, but we don’t have to wait until we feel exhausted to do so.

Revisiting a high level business goal should be a monthly, weekly or even a daily exercise, even if it’s as simple as looking a single sentence written on a A4 page on the notice board above your desk.

Whether I’m creating a new resource, an eBook, an article here or on another site, a video, a podcast, whatever it is, I ask myself one question;

Will this piece of content help service business owners create an effective online presence?

I ask myself this because unless my activity helps my readers/listeners succeed online in some way then my ship is not pointed in the right direction.

You can create something similar. Ask yourself the following questions;

  • Why am I in business?
  • Who am I serving?
  • What problem do they experience primarily?
  • How does my service help solve that problem?

Come up with a statement based around these questions that actually means something to you, that comes from the heart and reflects your primary business goal.

Put that somewhere you can see it every day, reflect on it in depth every month for a period, and adjust your business and marketing activity accordingly.

Noise is everywhere, it’s hard to avoid. Everyone has an opinion but most of those opinions are useless to you so the challenge is to set your filter high and avoid becoming dataswamped.

Only allow information in that helps you fulfil your goal.

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