The Tuesday Bit: Consistency

What Is Consistency


Consistency is everywhere. You’ll find it even where there is poor service.

Consistency can be a good thing and a bad thing. Consider where a good service provider is so welded to a consistent practice that they fail to grow. That’s not good.

Consider where an apparently poor service provider breaks their consistently poor service and surprises us, there is growth and progress.

A consistently good service is not one that stands still, it is one that is continuously open and willing to adopt new practices, to develop and be better. Consistency therefore when it comes to high quality services, is an upwardly moving graph. It might have a dip from time to time but the trend is upwards.

But when we perceive a drop in standards, when business owners make cuts that affect the quality of the service then the buyer feels robbed and walks out. If that’s not corrected then the trend will turn down.

To be consistently good is to always pursue better for the buyer of your services. It is to grow and to generate wealth and profits and happy customers.

To be inconsistent is to be unsure, uncertain, it’s fence sitting as far as the buyer is concerned and that’s not attractive.

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