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Picture it…

You’re sitting in front of your computer screen, it’s late in the evening and you’ve been working hard all day in your business. You’re looking at this website you’ve spent time and money building and it’s not bringing in a single phone call or email enquiry that’s worth a damn.

You’ve even tried a few hundred worth of AdWords and that’s not working either. All you get are tyre kickers wasting your time and costing you money.

It feels like you’ve completely wasted your time going online, and if you don’t sort things out and begin generating quality leads soon all that investment of time and money is down the drain.

You can sum it up in one word… FRUSTRATION!

I understand and I feel your pain. I was there too once, but I’ve good news – there is an answer.

You see here’s the thing…

You understand that having a strong business presence online is critical to your success, but you’re struggling to do everything necessary to make things happen.

Balancing the day to day work, managing clients, projects, finances, maybe you’re managing staff and then there’s the digital marketing too.

You’re overwhelmed, you need help…

Get All The Answers You Need, Just Ask!

The Prosperous Tradesman Community is where service business owners like you can learn how to market their business effectively, build an engaged audience and generate qualified leads online.

Forget about the tyre kickers!

By using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practice, and creating quality informative content for your visitors, you’ll learn how to improve your search engine ranking and attract the right customers who are ready to buy.

With content on the blog and weekly podcast you’ll learn how to build a steady stream of targeted organic traffic to your website and offer those visitors the quality content they came for.

Finally, a way for you to make the internet work for you and your business. Follow what I show you and you’ll make things happen.

And guess what?… It’s FREE! Keep scrolling to sign up.

I truly care about giving you the information you most need. You guys will drive the content here on the site so please take this opportunity to tell me what you need help most with.
Quick Note: 100% of the content here on the site is FREE for you to access, you just need to sign up free to get the best of it. I make money through training, one to one coaching and digital marketing services. So you only pay if you hire me and my guys.

Who Is The Community For?

If you operate a service based business providing your skills and talents, or those of others to serve a need, then you’re in the right place. If you sell your time, provide manpower to install, repair or maintain things, if you are self employed, have staff or you are considering the move to business ownership, then this community is for you.

The community is best suited to service business owners like;

  • Freelancers
  • Software & IT people
  • Health & Fitness Professionals
  • Cleaning & Security Companies
  • Photo, Video & Audio Professionals
  • Facilities & Maintenance Providers
  • Equipment & Machine Engineers
  • Master Craftspeople
  • General Construction & Tradespeople
  • Electrical & Electronic Service People
  • Plumbing & Mechanical Service People
  • Digital Creatives

You name it, if you provide services by offering your time, skills & knowledge and you’re in business for yourself or thinking about it, then you’ll get the information you need to grow your business online right here.

I’ve got lots of FREE content and Guides in the making to help you in your business including a FREE mini course on how to get paid on time, a FREE Digital Marketing eBook and lots more. So before I send it to you, let me know what best describes your current position.

What Best Describes Your Current Position?

I’m At The Business Idea Stage

I’ve had the idea of starting my own service business for a while and now I want to begin preparation to make the jump to running my own successful business.

I Started My Business Under 5 Years Ago

I launched my business less than 5 years ago and it’s been all word of mouth. I really need a marketing plan to bring in new business while I work.

I Started My Business Over 5 Years Ago

I started my service business over 5 years ago and things have been good. Now I want to take a step up, take on more clients and grow my business.

The Prosperous Tradesman Philosophy

Quality Not Quantity

I want you to adopt the understanding that working every hour you can is not the answer. The wealthiest people on the planet work less and play way more than the rest of us, so something is wrong in how we think about work.

We’ve got to find a way to create financial success and quality of life in balance. We’ve got to find time to live a quality life doing the important things like being with family and I believe we can achieve that.

The quality of client you choose is everything. Tons of clients that make you small margins for way too much effort is soul destroying and you don’t need them.

That’s why choosing a solid niche within your industry and clients that have the money to pay you is vital to your ongoing business success.

Success Is A State Of Mind

The primary influencing factor in any business success is state of mind. Deciding who you wish to be and how your business will look is more important than anything else.

When you know where you’re going you can withstand and move through the challenges. When you don’t have an end game in mind it can be difficult to navigate when times are tough.

Having a lackful belief about work will invariably drive you toward clients who are not willing to pay for the quality of workmanship you want to provide. Eventually it can breed resentment in you towards the work you love so much.

This is why cultivating a prosperity based mindset is very much a part of The Prosperous Tradesman Philosophy.

Supporting You On Your Journey

I have been in business over 15 years, 25 years total delivering services, and in that time I’ve come to the conclusion that there is an obvious better alternative to working your ass off for small money.

Entering business for yourself and finding the ideal customer base with a budget for an excellent level of service is the answer to that.

But launching and running a business is not for everyone. It requires a special kind of mindset and a willingness to learn a whole host of new skills. So every week I’ll be bringing you fresh content to help you to learn these skills.

And you know what?

I don’t pretend to know everything that you need, so I value your input. In fact it’s vital, so I invite you to take a couple mins (about 3) to tell me what you need most.

Here’s Some Of The Things I’ve Got For You

  • Every week I publish at least one new marketing article on the Blog.
  • On the weekly Podcast on iTunes I have interviews with experts and discuss a wide range of business and marketing subjects that can help you in your business.
  • When you sign up to The Prosperous Tradesman Community you’ll get access to the FREE Marketing eBook that will assist you promote your business online.
  • Check out the Resource Page here for tools and software I use and recommend to make your business operate efficiently.
  • You’ll get a 15% discount code which you can redeem against any digital marketing service when you buy online.
  • We’re currently building out the FREE members area where you can access lots of free business and marketing resources so please tell me what you need help most with.

All the above is FREE to you, so join The Prosperous Tradesman Community to get access to the goodies straight away.

This is only for starters and I look forward to working with you. In the meantime check out some recent articles from the blog

Larry G. Maguire

Regards for now,

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