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Larry G. Maguire

Larry G. Maguire

Hi I’m Larry, thanks for your interest in my material.

I’m not writing on The Millionaire Tradesman any longer so I’ve redirected you to my new material here on You’ll be glad to hear my message is the same however, it’s just the name has changed.

Here’s What The Prosperous Tradesman is All About

The Prosperous Tradesman is every tradesman who ever had an ambition for freedom wealth and success. It is an idea, a concept of how you can live and work, and it’s about realising that prosperity goes much further than money in the bank.

The Prosperous Tradesman is a philosophy for living life in a positive way on your own terms and by your own design and make good money in the process.

You already know that building a business that supports the lifestyle you desire is primary in any prosperity plan and I want to offer you a means to achieve that.

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About Larry G. Maguire

I’ve been in the construction and service industries for over 25 years now and I’ve had great success along the way. I want to assist you make a success of your business so I created The Prosperous Tradesman to bring you valuable information that you can use to grow you business and make it a success.

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