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This week in Episode 016 of The Prosperous Tradesman Podcast I continue my chats with Sales Trainer Paul Lanigan. In the second of two discussions we get talking about how vital storytelling in marketing is for businesses who wish to connect with their audience, their customers.

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Notes From The Show: Storytelling In Marketing

I asked Paul to share his background with us and he explains how hooking up with Sandler Training in the 1980’s and learning the psychological principles behind storytelling helped him connect at a deeper level to potential clients.

Stories tend to stir our imagination and are usually built around triumph our hero succeeds in over some kind of adversity. We all celebrate the underdog and want to see the bad guy win.

It’s everywhere in every walk of life and people resonate with it. Marketing your services using storytelling can be a big winner for you and you’ll find that you have plenty of stories to tell.

Storytelling is a means of marketing through content, be that with audio, video or written means and there are many tools you can use to deliver it.

YouTube, Podcasting, Articles on your blog etc. Forget about spewing out tons of rubbish news about your business and the services you offer, because people don’t buy that crap.

Instead tell a story about a client who’s problem you solved. Make it client-centric, not you-centric. Know what I mean?

Storytelling Offers Solutions To Problems

Storytelling is a soft non salesy approach to selling that gives a potential buyer a solution to a problem rather than a product or service that they don’t want.

You see more often than not a potential customer doesn’t know about the technical features of your service, at least it’s not primary anyway.

After they see evidence that you have the ability to fix their issue they’ll engage with you, and then only after they get reassurance will the need to see the technical details.

This has been my experience anyhow. Take a look at how some of the big brand corporates like Coca Cola do storytelling in marketing. They hook into our emotional center. The details of the product in the bottle actually never comes into the equation.

Storytelling Is Content Marketing At Its Best

Marketing through producing helpful high value content is the cornerstone of modern marketing online. In fact it’s been around for quite a while, only now it’s been given a fancy name and rebranded.

I don’t want to over complicate things. Storytelling is easy to do, you’ve just got to develop the habit of producing the content. It really is as simple as that.

Once you are committed to creating good quality content that solves problems you’ll find that your readers will begin to market your services for you.

Create video, audio and written pieces regularly that address issues your customers experience. Remain consistent at it, and it won’t be long before you build positive momentum.

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