CMP020 Basic SEO Tips And Tricks For Tradesmen

SEO Tips And Tricks

Welcome to episode 20 of The Content Marketing Podcast.

On this week’s episode I’m discussing SEO Tips And Tricks for tradesmen in business. There are certain fundamentals that we need to focus on in order to rank, not only in Google and the other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing, but in Facebook and Twitter too. Marie Claire is a new business owner and she has some questions for me on SEO and other related stuff.

Check it out.

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In this episode I’m breaking down some Basic SEO Tips And Tricks, that once implemented can help improve your content rank on the search engines. In the second half of the show I’m chatting to Marie Claire who’s just starting a new online business and she has some SEO related questions.

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On the blog last week I published a lengthy post on SEO Best Practices, explaining how small business can get ahead of the competition by focusing on improving their website Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It’s a bit of a whopper post coming in at nearly 8000 words, but contains valuable information regarding Basic SEO.

Some niches are more competitive than others, however, I pretty much guarantee that if you put in place what I show you, you’ll be ahead of 90% of your competition…locally at very least.

The basics of Good SEO are carried out right on your pages and posts, and once you develop the necessary knowledge and understanding around these principles, you have a great chance to rank well for your chosen search terms.

Level of competition and sophistication of the business type does play a role, for example, if you are in digital marketing and analytics, many providers will be at the top of their game regarding SEO.

But if you are in dog grooming or plumbing, you’ll find that competition, from an SEO perspective, is not very strong.

What I’m saying to you is this;

Get your SEO straight, put some time and effort into it, and you’ll gain substantial benefits.

In this episode I’m going into the various elements and chatting with a Marie Claire, a small business owner who’s just starting out online.

She’s got a bunch of SEO related questions that we discuss together.

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