eBook: How To Get Your Twitter Marketing On Autopilot

[eBook] How To Get Your Twitter Marketing On Autopilot

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With this 56 page Twitter Marketing eBook you will learn step by step, the strategies to add 500 – 1000 highly targeted Twitter followers per week and generate qualified leads for your business.

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Product Description

A Unique Twitter Marketing System

If your Twitter following is not where you want it, if you’re struggling to get your head around the Twitter platform, and you’re gathering zero leads for your business, then this 56 page eBook is gonna help you lots.

Learn how to use 10 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tools to build an engaged following and build targeted leads on Twitter with only 15 minutes per day.

This ebook will teach you the tactics and strategies I’ve spent literally 1000’s of hours testing and trialling in order to increase my Twitter following by over 7000% in 11 months.

You’ll find out how to implement a unique system to allow you curate highly targeted content and share with your Twitter followers around the clock at intervals you choose.

You’ll find out what Twitter Cards are and how to implement them on your website in the simplest way possible. You’ll also learn how to generate leads for your business using Twitter Cards.

Technology can be tricky, but this system is really easy. You’ll only need to spend 15 minutes a day working it, with occasional check ins to engage with followers during the day.

Here’s What You’ll Learn;

  1. How to find highly specific curated content your Twitter followers want to read.

People don’t only want to read your stuff, in fact it’s good to maintain a ratio of between 5:1 or 7:1 of other’s content : your content. Sharing other people’s content allows you to connect with those influencers and establish valuable connections. Besides, you don’t have all the answers, your followers will appreciate the varied opinions and views you share.

  1. How to create and use Twitter Cards for lead generation

In Chapter 6, find out exactly what Twitter Cards are and how to use them to generate leads on Twitter. You’ll also discover how to integrate your Twitter Cards with you newsletter service email list.

  1. How to Tweet your curated content around the clock 24/7/365 at times you choose.

The world is always awake. As you go to bed someone else is getting up, so while you sleep take advantage of the international audience of 320m monthly active Twitter users by sending out relevant content around the clock.

  1. How to Tweet your own content on rotation 24/7/365 at specific intervals.

There are many sharing tools for WordPress, and they all pretty much allow you to send your content to Twitter automatically when you hit “Publish”. But what about after that?

Don’t let your best stuff languish in the archive! I’m going to show you a cool little plugin (Twitter App #7 below) that shares your articles and pages on a constant rotation at the intervals you set.

  1. How to find and follow highly targeted real Twitter accounts

This is the one that’s really going to fire your following into orbit. I’ve got two tools to show you, that you can use to find real Twitter accounts and follow them automatically.

I’ll also show you how to unfollow accounts that don’t follow you back within a set time frame that you decide.

  1. How not to be a Twitter Robot.

Automation is great, I use it all the time and it makes my work so much easier, but it cannot and should not, replace direct engagement with followers.

That personal touch is a vital component of any successful marketing and is the foundation of a solid business. In this ebook you’ll learn how to use your time to greatest effect.

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