Google AdWords Campaign Management

Google AdWords Campaign Management

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Losing your shirt on Google AdWords? You’re not alone. Many small business owners struggle to get their head around AdWords only to blow their budget on unwanted clicks. Let us do it for you. (Members get 15% off)


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Google AdWords Campaign Management

Many small businesses struggle to get to grips with Google AdWords. Most will get some clicks and make a few sales, but return on investment can be low or maybe even break even or in the negative.

That’s not good and many close their accounts without ever really being able to optimise their campaigns. Well, it doesn’t need to be like that.

Let me and my small team show you how it can work with an afternoon’s consultation, training for your staff or complete campaign management.

Members get 15% off

Increase Your CTR

Click through rate is considered highly by Google, so we aim for a high CTR for your adverts as one of our primary targets.

Optimise Advert Copy

Copy converts, and if your advert copy stinks then it won’t get your leads. We’ll test your copy and improve your conversions.

Increase Your ROI

Your spend is not a problem when you have a good return on investment. We focus on increasing ROI not campaign spend.

Analyse The Data

My small team of data analysts has been teaching and implementing AdWords strategies that work for over 10 years.

Target Local Searches

Small or big, you want business as close to home as possible first. We focus locally then scale when we see what works best.

Services Businesses Only

Services are not the same as products. We specialise in building and perfecting AdWords for service businesses only.

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  • Consultation
  • Training
  • Done For You

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Consultation, Training, Done For You