Business Coaching for Tradesmen

Business Coaching For Tradesmen

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Personalised Business Coaching For Tradesmen

In 2000 I started a business, and for the next year or two I worked from the back of my maroon coloured Ford Fiesta van scraping business from wherever I could get it.

It was tough and I knew nothing about business but I loved it, the freedom to do what I wanted on my own terms was liberating and exciting.

Larry G. Maguire Small Business Coaching

A few short years later I was doing big ticket work for the US Government, Intel Corporation and other big players in the business world. I was punching well above my weight and although it was exciting, there was relentless pressure from all angles.

The pressure in those early days was relentless. I felt like giving up many times…

The excitement and enthusiasm gave way to constant challenges. Although the business had been a joy setting up, as I progressed in the first year or two there were relentless problems to solve.

Cash flow issues, staffing problems, operational pressures, sales and marketing difficulties, constant pressure to find new business and so on. My time was no longer my own, the business owned me.

The one thing I desperately needed at that time and could never find, was someone with real business experience to guide me. I hired business coaches but none of them had ever been where I was.

They knew theory and trendy business speak, but they didn’t know the reality that tradesmen in business experience.

You Need Someone Who Has Been Where You Are

Starting your own contracting or service business is a big, brave move, and I have total respect for you for getting started, but there are plenty of roadblocks set up to discourage and knock you back.

It’s critical in the first tentative years in business, to have someone that has been where you are, has felt what you are feeling, knows the difficulties you are experiencing and can show you a way through to reach your goals.

If your startup lasts, you’re lucky. You’ve been able to do something that 90% of new businesses haven’t. – Neil Patel, Founder KissMetrics

Having someone by your side who can shake you up, stimulate you to think differently, and point you in the right direction when there seems to be too many option is critical to your success.

You don’t need someone to give you a hug, pat you on the back and tell you everything is great when they are obviously not. You need someone who can be straight and honest, and offer you impartial advice.

I can offer you that critical and impartial eye, hold you accountable, and help you succeed where thousands have failed.

I’ll Show You How To Avoid The Holes In The Road

I’ve been up and I’ve been down, I’ve seen both great success and monumental failure along the road, but I wouldn’t change a thing. To create something great for others, and to realise your business goals is a wonderful experience.

But there are holes in the road, and I’ve had the benefit of falling in, and finding my out of some rather large ones. Knowing where these pitfalls lie and how to avoid them will be an important factor in your success.

Being in business is a big challenge which you no doubt already know. If you are ready, let’s work together to find the way to break through and achieve your business goals.

But the challenge is not for everyone. If you’re ready to make the shift from simply getting by, to formulating an effective plan for your business, then book your appointment and let’s get started.

From: 497.00 ex. VAT for 1 month Select options

Check Out What People I’ve Worked With Are Saying

In my time in business over the last 20 years, I’ve had the benefit and honour of working with some really great business people, top international businesses and countless small business owners.

Here’s what some of those people have had to say…

“Larry Maguire did excellent work for us. He was at all times professional, accomadating and efficient in his execution. I can’t recommend him and his company highly enough.”

Thomas C. Foley

“Larry is a fantastic marketer. He is research-driven, results-focused, and does what it takes to create, publish, and share awesome content.”

Nathan Ellering from CoSchedule

“Larry, it’s been an awesome journey. I appreciate everything that you have done, you did an excellent job covering all the material. All I can say is fantastic!”

“Larry provides top-tier content for the SEMrush Blog. He expresses a sincere commitment to producing and marketing quality content.”

Tara Clapper SEMrush

Here’s Some Of What We Will Work On In Your Coaching Sessions

Working together, I can assist you in making important decisions. I can show you how to use powerful marketing technology, to promote your business, build and audience, generate leads and increase sales.

We’ll focus on how to market your goods & services online with the primary aim of winning new business. Using Content Marketing, Social Media, SEO and Analytics… arguably the four most important elements in any Digital Marketing Plan, we’ll work to develop the core elements of your online business presence.

Content Strategy

There is a lot of poor quality content online and that’s a good thing, because it presents you with a significant opportunity to dominate your niche with a little strategy and a strong commitment to creating great content- content that solves readers’ problems and offers them solutions… your solutions.

I’ll show you how to;

  • Find your specific niche audience who already want your service
  • Formulate a content strategy that builds a strong customer base
  • Create content that drives engagement and builds authority
  • Solve your readers’ problems building trust & community

Social Media Strategy

Strategic use of Social Media platforms can provide you with a wonderful opportunity to build a valuable and engaged audience, allowing you a distinct advantage over your competition. Lots of businesses think they have Social Media covered, but they all make the same mistakes. That shouldn’t be you.

I’ll show you how to;

  • Select the Social Media channels where your audience already is
  • Build an audience of loyal and eager followers that share your material
  • Create and share information that drives traffic back to your site
  • Automate many Social Media activities to free you up for more important activities

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a critical element in your online business strategy. Good SEO forms the basic structure of great content marketing. The web is vast and there is huge competition for eyeballs. Get SEO right and you attract those eyeballs, get it wrong and you remain anonymous and invisible to customers.

I’ll show you how to;

  • Create content that Google loves
  • Implement SEO fundamentals that most of your competition is not doing
  • Find keywords that your customers are actually searching with
  • Find and fix common SEO errors that most business owners ignore

Digital Analytics

Continued analysis of your online marketing efforts and adjusting your strategy in response to your website visitors’ behaviour is the precursor to growth. If you don’t measure it you can’t improve it. I’ll show you how to setup your analytics plan, produce reporting and analyse that all important user data so you can make intelligent business decisions.

I’ll show you;

  • The basic principles of Google Analytics
  • How to create a Digital Analytics Plan for your business
  • How to implement Google Analytics on your website
  • How to create and interpret reports vital for making informed business decisions

Who Small Business Coaching Is For

Small Business Coaching will not suit everyone. One to One Small Business Coaching will work for you if you recognise the benefit of working with a coach and mentor on an ongoing basis.

If you are just at the idea stage it’s unlikely Small Business Coaching will suit you at this point..

Small Business Coaching IS for you if the following is true;

  • You are a Tradesman/Craftsman just starting in business, or,
  • You are a Tradesman/Craftsman established in business already
  • You have an online presence but finding leads online has proven a challenge.
  • You have found marketing difficult and not good use of your time
  • You struggle with making online technology work for you.
  • You are determined to make your business work.
  • You are 100% committed to carrying out the work assigned to you.

Small Business Coaching IS NOT for you if the following is true;

  • Funds are tight and you don’t have a budget for coaching
  • Your business is at the early idea stage and you’re unsure about launching
  • You have little or no passion and don’t completely love what you do
  • You are unwilling to let me see who you are warts-and-all
  • You want a quick fix to a long term problem
  • You blame others for the difficulties you experience
  • You blame the economy

Here’s What’s Included In Business Coaching For Tradesmen

When you purchase rolling monthly coaching sessions, either online or in person, you can access the following premium services and support;

  • Weekly/monthly private Skype meetings (or face to face) as per subscription.
  • Structured Digital Business Planning specific to your business needs.
  • Free access to the monthly mastermind webinar (Coaching Clients Only).
  • Free access to the members area resources.
  • Free access to all paid information products.
  • 34% discount off upcoming course material.
  • Personalised Problem solving, Goal setting & Accountability.

In order to offer you the best advice and focus as I possible can, I only take on 8 coaching clients per month. Right now I have openings but they’ll be gone quickly. If you’re readybook your place, before they’re gone.

My Personal Guarantee

My Personal Guarantee Badge

It is my sincere intention to bring you my best, every time. But here’s the thing… my service is not for everyone.  Some people pretend they want to succeed, but they are unwilling to do the necessary work to get there. Other coaches will tell you what you want to hear, I won’t do that. I guarantee to ask the hard questions of you, and to stimulate you to better. That’s my job. So, if you’re ready, book your appointment and let’s get started.

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From: 497.00 ex. VAT for 1 month Select options

Additional Information

Monthly Free Member's Webinar with Guest Speakers

When you sign up for 1 or more months of Private Coaching, it entitles you to join a small group of fellow small business owners in a focused online mastermind, designed to assist you reach your business goals.

Each month one of our members will take the Hotseat and others in the group will endeavor to assist them find answers to their business difficulties. Also, we will have guest experts join us from time to time to share their experience and knowledge.

Get on board for monthly private coaching and let’s get your business pointed in the right direction.