The Tuesday Bit: Mastermind


Solo business owners have a tough often lonely station. We’re left alone with our ideas, doubts, fears, ambitions, positive and negative thinking most of the time.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a partner to bounce things off then that’s a distinct advantage, however many don’t.

My wife doesn’t, and never did, get involved in any of my businesses and that’s a good thing. Our marriage wouldn’t last, we just don’t have that kind of relationship going on.

My wife’s focus has always been on her kids and the home and her job as a nurse, never on business stuff, so I’ve had to find another way to share my ideas and bounce off some like minds.

How about you?

Making Decisions

When we’re looking to grow our business there will come points where we’ll need to make some big decisions about staff or investment or some other big financial decision.

Will I do this thing, will I not? Will I borrow this €30k? Will I hire this extra staff? What if it doesn’t work out?

Over and back we go evaluating the rightness and wrongness of it all never realising that our lack of focus in one or other direction is the cause of the difficulty we feel.

I’ve learned over the years that too much fence sitting gets me nowhere. Also, making decisions from a doubtful or negative place never brings about a positive result. As the old saying goes;

You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear

So what to do about that?

I believe that our predominant thoughts about our ability to succeed play out in our lives. Our thoughts create the beliefs we hold true, our beliefs determine our actions, it’s almost automatic.

The more we ponder the worst case scenario then the more that possibility plays on our mind. How can we possibly make clear and effective decisions if the predominant thought is of failure?

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s just not going to happen.

Mastermind: Here’s What I’m At

I hooked up with Eddie, a good friend of mine who’s also a business owner and we meet on Skype every Thursday morning at 06:30 am to discuss business goals and progress towards them.

We both share lots of the same ideas, want to achieve our business goals and generate wealth for ourselves and everyone we touch so our small mastermind group works very well.

But here’s the thing about those conversations; they are 100% positive talk. We don’t get talking about what could go wrong, we don’t ponder fucking up, we don’t give the chance of negative outcome a chance.

In our tight mastermind group we talk about how we want things to be and we ignore the rest. It’s a mini Mastermind and it’s designed to help us make good stuff happen.

If you’re not in a mastermind group of some sort then maybe give it a go. Find a like minded person or two who’s in business just like you and hook up once a week at a time that works for you all.

Start working on your goals, focus on them positively and I’m certain you’ll see results.

If there’s enough response from you guys I’ll start an online Mastermind for The Prosperous Tradesman. Just send me a mail or reply below and I’ll gauge the level of interest.

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