EP011 Jobber Field Service Management: Interview With Nick Keyko

Jobber Field Service Management: Interview With Nick Keyko

This week on The Prosperous Tradesman Podcast I’m chatting with Nick Keyko head of marketing at Jobber, Field Service Management Software. Jobber’s scheduling and invoicing software has helped service companies complete more than 15 million customer visits and process $1.8 billion in invoices.

Nick tells me how a conversation with a local painting and decorating contractor led founders Sam Pillar & Forrest Zeisler to create what is now an awesome software application that allows tens of thousands of small service business owners manage their daily activities, provide a better service to their customers, and increase the efficiency and profits.

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In This Episode

  • I chat with Nick Keyko from Jobber, Fields Service Management Software about how their application is helping thousands of small service businesses become more efficient, provide a better service and increase profits.

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Notes From The Show

Jobber Field Service Management Software is a scheduling and invoicing software that has helped thousands of small service companies complete more than 15 million customer visits and process $1.8 billion in invoices.

It’s an awesome tool and I should know…

I used it in my electrical contracting business for several years before I left the industry. I was searching for a tool like Jobber for a long time, one that could help me manage my daily jobs and record the activity of each one on my mobile device.

Here are some of the features I was looking for;

  • Create clients and multiple sites per client on the fly and from my desktop PC.
  • Create a list of products and services that I could easily add to a new job.
  • Create a new job the minute I got a call from a client.
  • Send that job to one of my guys on the road.
  • Include a job specific number that we could use on every purchase made for that job.
  • Keep the job open and add additional visits as required until the job was done.
  • Take a client signature on mobile device (This was a big one for me)
  • Turn the job into an invoice and send it immediately from my mobile device.
  • Keep records of all invoices and produce statements for clients

There were so many features that sealed the deal for me, and a bonus was that is only costed me a few dollars per month. I loved the tool so much I reached out to the guys at Jobber and asked them to come on the podcast and tell me about their success and how they are assisting small service businesses owners do better business.

I’m a total advocate for this tool because I used it myself and found it great. And that’s a big deal because I am a pain in the arse when it comes to detail (my guys will attest to that) and so to find a software tool that fit my needs like Jobber did was saying something.

Now, that’s not to say that it’s all perfect, it’s not. It has some things that need improving but compared to most other tools out there it’s streets ahead.

You’ll need to learn how to use the tool like all software, but the guys at Jobber have a good back room team to assist you make this tool work for you.

Here’s an introductory video

Many thanks to Nick for giving his time to come on the show, and also to Barret who I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the lead up to this episode.

As Nick mentioned in the show, Jobber have been working on the “Academy” resource for service business owners on their site recently where you can get lots of help with setting up and configuring your new Jobber account so be sure to check that out.

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