How To Use A Content Marketing Strategy To Save Your AdWords Campaigns

How To Create A How To Use Content Marketing Strategy

Picture it; You’re a small business owner working flat out 80 hours per week, staff to manage, bills to pay, projects to complete, business to win.. You’re at full tilt the whole time.

You’re currently spending up to $1,000 per month on Adwords to generate leads. Some months it’s more than that, but you feel it’s a necessary spend to keep the machine moving forward.

You initially thought you’d set up a few ads and wait for the leads to come flooding in, but right now, most of your monthly spend is being blown on unqualified clicks.

Your AdWords effort is failing.

There could be any number of reasons your campaigns are not working for you, and unless you spend the time to do indepth research it’s unlikely you’ll fix things.

If like most small business owners you are time starved, you should consider reducing your ad spend and hire an AdWords expert like my friend Andy Black to sort it for you.

The Landing Page Problem

One of the most likely issues with your campaigns is that the landing pages you use and the content therein is not optimised. Maybe you’re doing one of the following;

  • Sending all those clicks to your “Contact Us” or “Services” page.
  • Using your Homepage as the landing page.
  • You have a specific landing page created but it’s the same for every advert you’re running.
  • You have a specific landing page created but it has no clear Call-To-Action.

Am I right? I guess some of you answered yes.

At any rate, if you created and manage your campaigns yourself, and you didn’t spend time to get some AdWords knowledge under your belt, it’s likely the landing pages you are using don’t convert, or worse, you don’t have them.

Here’s how landing pages fit into the mix

There’s a basic “Ad Unit” that an AdWords mate of mine Andy Black from, suggests can be very effective. It has the following format;

Search Term (ST)> Advert (AD)> Landing Page (LP)

He calls it The Holy Trinity of Paid Search and we’re going to focus on the last piece of the puzzle: the Landing Page (LP).

The Synergistic Effect

Combining a Content Marketing Strategy with your AdWords Campaigns containing compelling Landing Pages can help you turn those wasted clicks into customers.

I call this The Synergistic Content Effect, where the combined effort of two traffic strategies combine to bring a result that is greater that the simple sum of their parts.

icon-coffee  Check out this example of how content can work;

I’m not an AdWords expert by any means, but the research I’ve been doing in one particular niche tells me that small business owners are jumping into Adwords without preparing their site for visitors first.

I was engaged about 8 months ago for a short period, to create some content for a construction company who were focused on Attic Conversions in the Dublin area. Their instructions were to simply to see if I could get them on page 1 of Google, gain traffic.

Checking Out The Competition

The first thing I did was do a Google Search and check out the competition for both paid results and organic.Overall the competition for the Keyword “attic conversion” was not very sophisticated to put it mildly.

Google search result for attic conversions

Low and behold the landing pages and general content of those sites that targeted my 1st primary keyword, sucked big time. 4 out of 5 of the top paid search results for keyword “attic conversions” linked to a poorly designed Homepage.

The other result did bring me to a specific page related to the search term but it was poorly optimised with links all over the shop and no clear call to action.

Another issue for the sites returned in the top results was bad design. Design is vital in order to keep visitors engaged with a site, and suffice to say in these cases, design quality was in the toilet.

The quality of the content returned in the organic and paid results suggested that there was an opportunity for my client to OWN the primary keywords for their niche… if, they chose to invest in a little local SEO optimised content for an extended period.

Side Note: While I was at it, I did a search for keywords in other related industries; plumbing, electrical etc. The same issue existed here, in that landing pages were not used, information did not relate to the search term, and content and design was really shitty. It seems that these niches are wide open for someone to dominate. 

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Creating The Content

Whether I’m writing articles or creating pages for an AdWords campaign, before creating any content I use SEMrush to do some further research. With SEMrush you can see data related to a keyword such as;

  • Keyword search volume
  • Keyword competition level
  • Cost per click
  • Related keywords, and various other keyword related information.

You also get to find out who is bidding for those keywords, how much they are paying, what their ad copy is, who the competition is for your most important keyword, are they ranking organically for a given keyword and so on.

The Focus

My client wanted to focus on wealthier areas of South County Dublin so I decided to experiment with a couple of secondary, geographically based keywords;

  • Attic Conversion South Dublin
  • Attic Conversion Rathgar
  • Attic Conversion Dun Laoghaire

I created a “Projects” page and within that, I created two projects. One for keyword “Attic Conversion Rathgar” and the other for keyword “Attic Conversion Dun Laoghaire”. I included “Attic Conversion South Dublin” in the home page title.

I also added a bunch of unique images to these posts and optimised the images for same SEO Keywords.

This work only took a day to complete and even though the site is new and has the lowest Domain Authority you can get, my client’s Project pages for these search terms currently rank within the top 5 results on page one of Google in Ireland.

That’s not bad at all considering how little work went into the experiment and that the site is brand spanking new.

Side Note; Although these search terms on their own have very low search volume and are unlikely to bring tons of traffic, building pages with search terms related to the primary keyword “Attic Conversion” will help the site rank well organically in the future. It forms part of the overall SEO and Content Marketing Strategy for the site.

Here’s How Content Fits With AdWords

The fact is, if you create SEO optimised, content rich pages that actually showcase what you do, address queries and solve readers’ problems, then you can rank organically on page 1 for the same search terms that return your adverts.

When your site appears in the paid results and in the top 5 organic results for the same search term then you have a much better chance of getting the traffic you want.

If you can do this I guarantee that your credibility will go up and your business with it.

Your adverts may still need to be structured properly to get qualified clicks, so you’ll still have work to do to get that right. But arguably, isn’t it better to be found organically than having to pay for traffic? Ideally you want both.

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