EP014 How A Service Business Can Retain It’s Best Customers – Jonathan Bell

How To Retain Your Best Customers

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This week in Episode 014 of The Prosperous Tradesman Podcast, I meet up with Sales & Marketing consultant and all round nice bloke Jonathan Bell to talk about How To Retain Your Best Customers. We all see it, every year it’s the same, we seem to experience this rollercoaster effect in business where we are busy for a couple months and then we take a dip.

There seems to be no consistency in the volumes of business we do. We accept that “it’s either a feast or a famine”, and we are stressed to the hilt in both periods. But does it really have to be this way? When I was in the construction game I experienced it too, and I believed it was unavoidable, market and economic conditions persisted I thought.

Turns out that’s a bullshit idea. We can maintain a steady level of business if we take a consistent and systematic approach to keeping in touch and maintaining relationships even while we are busy and we can do lots of it automatically. Check out what Jonny has to say about how to retain your best customers and keep a steady flow of business throughout the year.

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  • How to retain hard won customers by staying in touch

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Notes From The Show: How To Retain Customers

Jonathan Bell is the principle of Prosper Sales & Marketing, a small consultative practice based in Sandymount, Co. Dublin providing Sales & Marketing advice, training, workshops, seminars and keynotes to organisations and their executives throughout the UK and Ireland. Jonny is also the author of “The Book On Relationship Selling” available on Amazon.

I met Jonny Bell a couple of years back through a networking group. From my perspective, by their nature, networking groups are not the best place to develop meaningful relationship as I have written about before but in this case Jonny was one of the few people that I actually connected with.

How you can recognise whether or not you have a strong relationship with another person is by your ability to pick up the phone and say “long time no speak, fancy a coffee next week”, well Jonny is one of those. And likely not only for me, because he is simply one of those very likeable characters that is not very hard to get on well with.

So that’s what I did. I picked up the phone and gave him a shout. We subsequently met up in an unlikely venue of The Church of Saint Mathews in Irishtown near where he lives. Given that Jonny is an expert in relationship selling and methods customer retention I felt he would have some good advice to offer us on how best to retain customers, reduce the rollercoaster effect I think we nearly all experience, and build profit into our small businesses.

Three Things You Can Do To Start Working For More Of The Right Kind Of Customer

  1. Take an hour out to decide who that ideal customer is and make a list of who you’re currently working for that match that profile
  2. Create a script you can use to ask these people for referrals, and identify what you can do to appreciate them referring you business.
  3. Ask yourself, “how do I stay in touch with these people, personally, consistently and systematically?”. Having a natural non salesy non spammy approach is vital.

Check out the interview with Jonny Bell on How To Retain Your Best Customers, recorded a couple weeks ago in the peaceful setting of St. Mathews Church, Irishtown.


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