EP013 How To Negotiate With Difficult Clients & Win – Paul Lanigan Interview

How To Negotiate & Win

This week in episode 013 of The Prosperous Tradesman Podcast, I hooked up with Paul Lanigan of Sandler Sales Training to discuss how to negotiate with a buyer who’s hell bent on pushing you for a “better” price, and win without giving a discount. Many of us train ourselves to give discounts, but there’s a way to change that habit.

It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible, if you know the tricks of the trade. Paul Lanigan is a skilled sales trainer and relationship trainer with many years experience in tough situations. He explains to me that more often there is a lot more on the table for exchange other than the price, and if you can find it you’ll get the price you wanted.

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  • How to negotiate with Mrs Murphy round the corner and big shot experienced buyers without offering discounts

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Notes From The Show: How To Negotiate With Difficult Clients

I jumped on Zoom with Paul the other week to talk with him about negotiation. I saw one of his videos a couple weeks back where he spoke about the importance in being self assured and the opposite of desperate when we find ourselves in the difficult position of being under pressure to relent on our price.

Basically what it boils down to is belief and conditioning. If we have been so conditioned by the experience of discounting to win projects, then that prior experience will continue to play out in our business negotiations. The trick is to train ourselves out of it.

Now it’s a tough ask, but we’ve got to do it. We’ve got to retrain ourselves how to negotiate successfully with difficult clients who believe they need to get a discount from us.

Paul explains how these situations can play out, be it with large construction companies or corporate clients, or Mrs. Murphy around the corner, and how best to get the result we want in negotiating deals.

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  • Interesting, with my trade company, I advertised “affordable prices” which is subjective to the customer’s background and emotional stress……but my prices were premium and above my competitors.

    • Did that strategy work well for you Rob? How did you handle resistance to your price?

      • Worked great, we gave our hourly prices ahead of time, indicated roughly how long it would take and got the work. If they weren’t interested it was fine, there were plenty more customers. In fact to be honest, if anyone wanted us to price something, we soon learned not to do it, or charge them for pricing the work. This cut back admin costs, improved ROI and increased team morale. I’m in a differnt business, marketing like yourself again, prices are not an issue because I focus on what they want to achieve rather than price. I was trained at IBM in consultative sales on $1M+ deals so I’m lucky that way. Price is just what they pay for what they want. We make exceptions, but not because they asked, but because there is a mutally benefically arrangement. I love the barter system.