How To Do Successful Online Marketing Like Coca Cola

How To Do Successful Online Marketing Like Coca Cola

Coca Cola are a massive company with massive resources, and although their marketing might be complex and cover many areas, their message is quite simple.

Successful online marketing persuade buyers to buy by latching onto an already existing emotion that makes the buyer think they will feel better in the having of whatever it is you are offering.

You are essentially fulfilling a need.

Successful online marketing is about understanding the root of the buyer’s desire or fear, and speaking the emotional language that they recognise.

But too often we bang on and on about the technical side of what it is we are selling and never give a moment’s thought to what the buyer is feeling. If we are to successfully market our products and services we must step into the buyer’s shoes.

Take A Look At Coca Cola’s Online Marketing

I don’t really have to point out how big brand Coca Cola do marketing, you’ve just gotta watch the video.

Ahh, what the heck…

Coca Cola have latched on to the single thing that everyone on the planet is after…


The bottle of Coke in the video takes second stage to the happiness of the characters.

The brand is there but it’s not in your face, up front and loud. Watch this advert enough times and you begin to associate Coca Cola with being happy, it’s a Pavlov’s Dog thing.

Listen to the music that accompanies the advert, it’s just all about big happy families! Ironic really that the product it’s self is best consumed very rarely or not at all if you know anything about health.

But that’s not the point…

In order to effectively communicate to our chosen audience we have to link our product to the positive or negative emotions of our buyer.

People buy out of fear of loss of something or out of anticipation of some gain or other, our job is to figure that out. Take a look at the video.

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 So How Do We Find Out What Our Customers Need?

The first step is to phone up people you want to do business with and find out what keeps them up at night. It’s important to understand that you are NOT in sales mode here, you are in HELP mode.

Your product or service may already be created, that doesn’t matter, what you want to know from these guys you meet is information that can help you structure your sales copy.

Here’s what you can do…

  1. Make a list of people you would like to do business with, but don’t yet (preferably). It will help if you know these people to speak with, casually at least.
  2. Call them up and ask for a meeting. Tell them you’re creating a product and you’d love their input. Make the point that you’re not selling anything, you’d merely value their input.
  3. Take lots of notes.

You’ve got to connect with them here. I think the friendlier and more familiar you are with your customer, then the greater chance of honesty on their part. If they feel like they are in a survey then you won’t get the answers you need.

Go ahead and have a conversation in a casual honest fashion. Be present in this process, in fact don’t make it a process because you won’t get the information you need.

In pulling this information together you’re looking for a single, or a series of common threads that will allow you to focus your product or service on.

Lots of business advice I’ve read over the years suggests that the right questions are important, and to a certain extent they are, but they must flow in the conversation.

It’s not really about the questions, but more so to do with your ability to connect with the other. The words will come of themselves once you get present and you’re having a meaningful conversation.

You’ve really got to get deep with this. What you’re after here is the emotion that will steer them to action.

Maybe they are fearful of their boss, or losing their job. Or maybe they are under pressure from investors or the need to stay ahead of another who is biting at their heels, who knows…

Whatever it is, you need to find out. Then you can build your online marketing sales copy around that. Without that information you are the blind man on a galloping horse trying to shoot the back of a barn that isn’t there.


After enough meetings and conversations you will gather enough information to establish a common vein that you can mine.

Marketing through content is not about the immediate sale, it’s a long term punt. People may not buy from you initially but they will see that you speak their language and trust will soon follow.

It all boils down to giving a toss what your customers feel, enough to tailor your package to suit those needs. Coca Cola does just that by targeting happiness. And they do a very good job of it too. (But I wouldn’t drink the stuff!)

Pro Tip; Write like you are talking to one person. Remember the customer profile you built? Well, talk to that person. Be friendly and non-business like, it will make you more personal to the reader. People like to deal with people.

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