EP018 How Service Businesses Get Found In Google Local Search Listings

How To Get Found In Google Local Search Listings

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Appearing in Google Local Business Listings for your services is the subject matter for this week’s Episode of the podcast. Local SEO is a big deal and your small business can get ahead of major brands if you can give it some time and attention. In this episode we’ll look at one particular strategy that you can easily implement on your website to help your customers find you in local search.

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  • A Strategy To Help You Get Found In Google Local Search Listings

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Notes From The Show: How To Get Found In Google Local Search Listings

Having a strong presence online is good for business. Invariably, if done right your business presence online can help you Get Found In Google Local Search Listings.

Google found in a recent study of local search habits of consumers that 4 out 5 consumers use search engines to find local information.

They also found that over 60% of all searches performed on Google is being done from a mobile phone. So you can see it pays to get serious about local SEO.

What’s Local SEO?

Local SEO is a practice containing a series of techniques that help you structure your website with the kind of information that Google and other search engines use to deliver your pages in results for organic searches for given keywords related to your content.

Bit of a long winded way of saying; it’s the way you optimise your website for Google search.

There are lots of strategies that help you get a higher rank in the search engines and I’ll show you one that can prove very effective.

Any in a niche where your “competition” lacks sophistication this strategy can give your business website a boost.

Create Geo Specific Services & Project Pages

I’ll assume you have your website built on WordPress, if you don’t maybe you need to consider it.

Step #1 Add A Projects Plugin To Your Website

The first thing to do is to add a Project plugin like this one from WooThemes to your website. You can of course build these project pages with the regular WordPress page template but the project page template is better.

Step #2 Select Your Keyword

Next you need to consider what keyword related to your services for which you want to rank. Let’s assume for the purpose of this example you provide lawn care services.

Your keyword then would be “lawn care”

Step #3 Build out your keyword with a location name.

Now you need to add the location where you provide those services to your keyword. Let’s say for this example you provide lawn care in the Dun Laoghaire area of Dublin.

Your keyword now will be “lawn care dun laoghaire”

The search numbers don’t matter here, as this is only for illustration purposes.

Step #4 Build Out Your Project Page

Next, with your client’s permission you’ll need to build out your project page with all the following information

  • Title of your project (i.e. Lawn Care Dun Laoghaire)
  • Project page url http://yoursite.com/projects/lawn-care-dun-laoghaire
  • Name of your client
  • Link to your client’s website (if applicable)
  • Client site location address
  • Client site location map (get this from Google Maps, grab the embed code and paste into your page)
  • Details about the job. Tell the reader a story about the job, what the request was, the nature of the work, challenges you faced, branded products you used and why you chose them and so on.
  • SEO optimised images of the project
  • Client testimonial

Finally, publish your article and share with your followers. Also share the article with your client and ask them to offer you a review on your Google Business Page. They’ll also likely spread the news about the good job you did for them.

So that just about covers it. Just make sure you continue to publish projects related to your keyword and locations you service. Very few of your competition is actually doing this so you’ll likely get great benefit from it.

Check out this article for further information on SEO best practice for small business

Need assistance with Local SEO? Check out the WordPress Customer Support page. When you take out a monthly support plan with us you can request us to do this work for you.

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  • Niall Donovan

    Really liked this podcast. I’m currently responsible for business development and my main focus at the moment is our online presence. Some really great nuggets of gold in here for anyone who, like me, is keen on putting their own stamp on their web presence without spending the megabucks. Thanks Larry!