EP006 What’s A Fair Rate of Pay For Tradespeople?

What's A Fair Rate of Pay For Your Employees?

Welcome to Episode 006 of The Prosperous Tradesman Podcast. This week I’m looking at rates of pay and why I believe that standardised pay rates don’t work.

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In This Episode

  • Why standardised rates of pay are bad for employees and employers
  • Why Productivity based rates of pay are far better
  • Why the industry (in certain quarters) seems to serve only large contractors in the golden circle.
  • Unions and employer organisations; what’s going on behind closed doors?

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Notes From The Show

In this week’s episode of The Prosperous Tradesman Podcast I’m highlighting what I believe is a fundamental flaw in how standardised pay rates for tradesmen are structured. The current predominant system says that all electricians are the same and should be paid the same regardless of capability, application and productivity.

This system of pay is just so wrong as it encourages workers to stagnate and discourages them from pursuing higher levels of productivity. It’s my view that needs to change for the benefit of employers and for employees.

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