EP008 The 3 Most Expensive AdWords Mistakes – Andy Black #1

The 3 Most Expensive AdWords Mistakes with Andy Black

Welcome to Episode 008 of The Prosperous Tradesman Podcast. This week I’m talking at length with data analyst and AdWords expert Andy Black of andyblack.net about three of the most common and significant AdWords errors he sees business people make. In a industry niche where pretty much every business is making the same AdWords mistakes, if you can address these three common errors in your campaigns then it’s likely you can begin to dominate at a local level.

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  • The three biggest AdWords mistakes and how to fix them

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Andy Black is a Data Analyst and Google AdWords Expert based in Kildare, Ireland. He and I first engaged a number of years ago when I hired him to create and run some campaigns for me. I was running an electrical & security business in the construction industry at that time.

As well as a service provider, Andy also essentially trained me in AdWords basics and began to open my eyes to things that I would have never considered important. How could I? I was a business owner with little experience in AdWords at that time.

Recently he and I began working together with some of my clients and we decided to hook up on Blab and discuss some of the common mistakes he sees in almost every campaign he takes over.

The information he shares in very informative and will no doubt help many of you stem the flow of cash from your AdWords budget that is currently being sucked up by bad AdWords clicks.

AdWords Mistake #1 Failing to Set AdWords Location Settings

It might be a small thing but failing to set your location for campaigns can bring unwanted clicks from countries and territories that you thought you were excluding when you set up your adverts.

Here’s where to set that up.

Login to Adwords > Campaigns > Select Campaign in the left sidebarThen got to Settings tab > Locations

The first setting you’ll need to modify is the “Type”. Make sure this is set to “all features” for whatever search network you have selected.

Next, scroll down the page to locations and select the locations you want your advert to show for.

Then, you should see “Location Options (advanced)”. Click it.

Go to “Target” and click “Edit”

Set to “People in my targeted location” and hit save.

AdWords Mistake #2 Confusing Search Terms with Keywords

Keywords within AdWords are single or combination of words that you want your advert to appear for. Search terms are what the user will enter into the Google search bar. On first appearance it might seem that these two are the same thing, but the reality is that they are not the same at all.

Google treats them differently and if you don’t understand the difference then it’s likely your advert will appear in results for searches that you never intended.

Search Term = What the user enters in a Google search

Keyword = What you want your advert to appear for

Check out Andy’s article about search terms for further (and better) detail on this common error

AdWords Mistake #3 Using Broad Match

Using broad match keywords can get small businesses all sorts of click they don’t want. Broad match can even put your advert in front of people who entered search terms that were only mildly related to your keyword as explained by Andy in the interview.

The best course of action when choosing match types for your keywords is to use Modified Broad (where you put a “+” in front of each keyword), and/or Exact match.   Avoid broad match until you know what you’re doing.

Long story short, don’t use Broad Match. Check Andy Black’s short article on Exact Match Vs Broad Match

If you are finding AdWords is taking too much of your headspace and you’re a little frustrated with results, get in touch and we can jump on Skype for a free consultation.

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