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​Digital Marketing For Service Based Businesses

Welcome, I'm Larry G. Maguire The Prosperous Tradesman. I run a local Digital Marketing Agency here in Dublin with my small team of skilled digital creatives specialising in delivering Digital Marketing Services through WordPress Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and AdWords Campaign Management to Irish service based businesses. If you're seeking to develop influence, authority and a strong online presence then read on.

Digital Marketing From A Local Dublin Agency

My team and I focus specifically on the needs of service based businesses. Find out how we can help you reach your audience, gain influence and generate leads online.

Web Design

A quality website that showcases your services is vital to your online success. Find out how we use WordPress to help you look your best and sell online.


Your potential clients are already looking for you online, and if your website is not optimised for search engines they can't find you. Find out how we fix this.

AdWords Management

See how we help you raise your return on investment not your advertising budget with our optimised Google AdWords campaign strategies.

Content Marketing

We assist you address your customers fears and desires through content marketing, the primary means by which you will build authority online.

Email Marketing

Let us help you build your email list, communicate effectively with your audience, and discover how to generate sales through email marketing.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and so on, are huge search engines in their own right. Let us help you build loyal following and your brand on Social Media.

Online Video

Online video is huge right now and getting bigger. Your audience has a voracious appetite for it, so let us help you generate leads using video marketing. 


Podcasting is growing at a rapid pace because users can consume it on their daily commute. Find out how to take advantage of this growing marketing channel.

Google Analytics

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. Find out how we can assist with building your Google Analytics plan and improve your marketing effectiveness.

Branding & Design

A brand & logo design that communicates your message effectively is a vital component of your online presence. Let us help you build your brand image.

Creating Content That Solves Problems 

Services are not products and so they need a different kind of marketing. Take a look at how our different approach is built for you.

Marketing online these days is an essential means of reaching your audience, and as such developing an effective digital marketing strategy is one of the cornerstones of doing business in the modern world.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah you know this already right?

Of course you do! So why don't I refrain from indulging in trendy marketing speak that serves no one...

Here's the deal...

Services are not products and as such they need a different means​ of marketing. Content Marketing is a sub category of Digital Marketing and it relates to.... you guessed it! Content.

Check Out These Content Marketing Stats

Content Marketing increases leads 300% on Traditional Marketing

300 % Increase Leads 300 times

Content Marketing Costs 62% Less Than Traditional Marketing

-62 %
Costs are less

Conversion Rate Is 6 Times Higher For Content Marketers

600 % Increase Conversions

Data Source

How To Use Content Marketing To Sell Your Services

Content Marketing ​at it's best employs a systemised approach to storytelling. People love stories, they also love to find others who can solve their problems. So when you combine the two you get a powerful approach to marketing that produces results.

Content Marketing is not about blabbing on about what you do. It's not about "hey look at how much we know!" or "hey check out our recent news", or "hey look who we just hired". This kind of content is simply junk, complete rubbish. People don't care about it and it's doesn't serve you.

Content Marketing is rather about finding what's bothering your ideal customer and then providing them with real solutions in a non salesy manner. Some digital marketing professionals refer to this as Inbound Marketing.

Rather than cold calling, cold emailing, harassing people who are not ready to buy from you, playing the age old (and foolish) numbers game, with content marketing you are going to the river and dropping your line in with tasty morsels of ​content bait that your chosen audience can't resist.

​Over time, the result is that by virtue of the SEO optimised content you've been creating, the fish who are ready to bite do so, and you begin to see the positive results from marketing your services through meaningful and effective content.

The bad news is, this process of creating content is difficult, especially for service businesses who have not done it before. That's ​where me and my team come in.

We're ready to work with you right now, to produce the content that gets you clicks either through organic search or advertising. ​Go ahead and click the blue button and give me a call.

- Larry G. Maguire​