Why Blogging For Business Is An Essential Marketing Tool

Blogging For Business Is Good Marketing

Everyone loves a story, that’s why Blogging For Business works. The people who are already interested in your chosen subject matter, are already looking for you and if you’re not blogging then you won’t be found.

AdWords can be effective, but if you are like most business owners you’re throwing away almost 80% of your ad spend on unqualified clicks.

Writing articles that solve problems or show ways for people to reach their goals can be very effective marketing. Ideally, if you have the budget you should do both Blogging for business and Adwords together.

If you are in business, then there is in my opinion no better or more economical way to build your audience than writing on subjects that people want to read.

Now I know blogging is not for everyone, but if you can write a blog article up to 1000 words regularly, or find someone who can, then you’re on to a winner.

It doesn’t much matter what your area of expertise is, if you do it then you can write about it, and there’s an audience out there who need and want your information. Article writing once per month will eventually build traction.

Pro Tip; Why not write an article that shows readers how to do something related to your niche and use that link in an AdWords Advert. At the bottom of the article include a link to your related service so they can hire you. Many people like to see you have the expertise and don’t want to do it themselves.

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There’s People Online

The people who buy your goods or services are online today, looking for information about your stuff! If you are not there to give them what they are looking for then others will.

Don’t be afraid that you’re giving them info that they should be paying for, because you can never give them enough so they’ll do as good a job as you. Yes, sure you’ll get the DIY types who will try it themselves, but is that a problem, or really an advantage?

DIY-ers are a valuable part of your marketing team because they will tell everyone about this great site they found that gave them the info. And guess what… When they mess it up they come to you to fix it.

The others they tell about you will come to your site also, most of whom won’t even bother trying, they’ll hire you straight off, because they’ve enough to be doing without trying to learn new stuff.

Never be afraid to give your knowledge away, because knowledge in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use it is useless, but they will see you as the expert and hire you, maybe, if you can close the deal.

Writing From The Heart

For too many marketeers online, article writing is about dishing out cheap and nasty. Most of the stuff online is rehashed nonsense content that holds no weight and expires as soon as it’s published. It’s the quantity rather than quality brigade and they are everywhere.

You need to be different. In order to stand out above the multitude of blogs that just don’t offer readers value, you must give what your readers want on a consistent basis. What is that? It is quality, meaningful content written from the heart.

Pick a topic around what you do in your business. Find a time when you learned a valuable lesson when carrying out this work, or a valuable lesson you observed when someone didn’t take your advice on a matter.

Give the reader a true life account of what you do and how things worked out great, or when you chose to use an inferior product because price was tight and how you regretted it.

There’s nothing like a story to convey expertise on your part, even when you mess it up. People gravitate to real people and form trust before you even meet. When your content goes out, structured and formatted properly with good SEO, then people will find you, believe you, and make contact.


Move from your center and provide the goods and services you offer out of a love for it, anything else is shallow and you’ll find the going tough. Honesty and truth build bridges, even invisibly online.

Write about what you do and do it regularly and people will find you. You’ll build trust and they may not buy today but they just might tomorrow.

People want to connect with people. When you write about technical, mechanical things all the time it switches people off, especially online. People want to connect with you personally, that’s what blogging is about. Avoid writing about soulless features, write about feelings.

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  • Hey Larry,

    I really believe that businesses should be blogging. What I encountered is that they don’t have the time to be blogging or they just can’t find someone who can create good content.

    Even I take a about a week to finish a single blog post for my business. So it’s rough.

    Good tips!


    • Hi Kevin, thanks for reading. I think if a business is serious and committed they can make the time and see good results from regular article writing. I find that most small businesses just don’t make marketing enough of a priority therefore it doesn’t get done. It’s a pity really.

      If you’ve developed the habit then good on you! I’ll check out your blog too.

      Cheers, Larry

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