EP005 Why Tradesmen Need A Better Online Marketing Plan

Why Tradesmen Need A Better Online Marketing Plan

Welcome to Episode 005 of The Prosperous Tradesman Podcast where I’m looking at why tradesmen in business seem to be ignoring the opportunities presented by online marketing

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In This Episode

  • Why you need to market your services online
  • How it is that most tradesmen are getting it wrong
  • What you can do about it
  • Why a solid built website on WordPress is step 1 and how to get started

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Notes From The Show

In this week’s episode of The Prosperous Tradesman Podcast I want to highlight that apparent need on behalf of tradesmen in business to pay attention to the opportunities presented to them to market their services successfully online.

Since leaving the contracting business and now working in marketing, I have observed so many small businesses with below par websites and Adwords campaigns that are so full of holes it’s ridiculous.

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